Lessons Learned – Building a Leadership and Coaching Business

From “oh ya” to “oh no!”, we’re sharing everything about our 15 year journey to help you build your executive coaching, leadership development and training business. We want to be in the next [...]

Coachmetrix is Here!

With Coachmetrix we set out to make a difference in the coaching and leadership development industry and to add more value to programs that we’re already doing. Evolution 2.0 in the learning and [...]

How Technology Can Improve Your Coaching Business

Never walk into a leadership development workshop with a thick paper workbook again. The leadership practices we teach remain timeless, but our tools for teaching do not. Here at Coachmetrix [...]

Navigating Through Barriers and Breaking Through

I was clear on the roadblocks that limited my leadership development programs, but I knew the solution was outside my expertise. That’s when I reached out to a good friend and web developer who [...]

We’re Ready To Share Our Journey

It was about three years ago that I recognized key issues that limited almost every leadership development program I had witnessed – programs I saw dozens of other trainers running and programs [...]