Add tags to resources in your Coachmetrix Library

You asked for it and we listened. Tagging Resources is now available as part of the Coachmetrix 2.0 rollout! This has been one of the most requested features by coaches within the last year.


Before, organizing resources was clunky. There was no logical manner to find and share Resources with participants. Now, coaches can now apply tags to Resources in their library. This update provides better organization and searchability within the platform.

What Are Tags

Tags are one-word or short phrases used as a label for quick identification. Some examples of Tags that you might assign to a Resource are:
  • 360
  • Communication
  • Feedback
  • Goal Setting
  • Onboarding
  • ROI
  • Session 1
  • Teams

Creating Tags for New or Existing Resources

Apply tags to a new Resource or one already in your Library.
To create a Tag for a new resource, click on the ‘Add New+’ button on the Resources page in the Library. For an existing resource, click the pencil icon located within the Resource to edit.

Creating Tags for New or Existing Resources

Type any word or phrase into the tag dialog box. You can even add multiple Tags to a Resource. Once complete, hit the enter or tab key on your keyboard and save. Assigned Tags will display at the top of the Resource.


Add tags to resources in your Coachmetrix Library
Once you have created your Tags, it’s easy to apply them to other Resources. There is no need to re-type the Tag name. Simply click in the tag dialog box and all your existing Tags will appear. Select the Tag(s) that apply to the Resource. Then hit the enter or tab key on your keyboard and save.

Searching with Tags

To search by Tag, use the tag search field at the top of the Resources page. Clicking in the field will display all the tags available. From there you can select a Tag. Or, type in the word or phrase associated with the resource you are locating. Only the Resources with the selected Tag will display.

Searching with Tags

Remove Tags From Resources

Whether it’s a misspelled word or a tag you no longer need, it’s easy to remove a tag. First, select the Resource. Next click the pencil icon to edit. To remove a tag, click the “x” beside the tag. From there you can select another tag from the list or create a new tag.

Remove Tags From Resources

Quick Tip: Coaches User Guide

The Coach’s User Guide is always available for you! Once you have logged in, click the Support link at the top of the page. The User Guide is full of step-by-step instructions with screenshots and videos to help you navigate the coaching tools.

Our team is working to develop tools to make your business more efficient. Thanks for your suggestions and for being part of the Coachmetrix community.
Stay tuned for more great features in the near future. Please contact our support team if you have any questions or feedback.
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