Coaching apps are not only making headlines in The Wall Street Journal, they are marketing their ability to deliver just-in-time content. Can you do the same?

In my last several posts, I’ve made the case that technology and mobile apps will continue to play a larger role in the coaching industry. And, if we want to be seen as relevant, we have to stay tech savvy. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal is proving that mobile apps are becoming more mainstream in our industry.

My promise to you was to offer three posts on how you can leverage Coachmetrix to not only keep up, but to also stay ahead and differentiate yourself in the midst of a changing industry. In my second of three posts, we explored how to differentiate your business by measuring the results on your coaching engagements. After all, executives buy results, not coaching.

Today’s focus is on how you can add more value by leveraging your own content, thought leadership and perspective.

Leverage Your Own Content

If you coach for a mobile app company, you’ll be using their content and thereby promoting their brand. There’s nothing right or wrong about that. You just have to decide how you want to build your coaching practice and business.

If you use Coachmetrix, you’ll be able to leverage your content and promote your brand. Then  your coaching process will immediately be uniquely different from anyone else’s coaching process. No one else can be you!

Tips to Build Content Using Coachmetrix

You can easily build your own content or leverage your existing content using the Resources and Collections features in Coachmetrix. A resource is any combination of text, document uploads, images and video. A collection is any logical grouping of resources to create modules.

Here are a few ideas for using Resources and Collections features to set your coaching business apart.

Add a Tool

Perhaps you already have existing tools like a SWOT analysis. Take a screenshot of the tool from an existing workbook, add some explanatory text above the screenshot, and then some reflection questions below the image. You could even add a simple template that participants can download and apply in their work. Brand your SWOT analysis and it becomes even more valuable.

Create a Mini-course

Micro-learning is a buzzword in learning and development today as people like to digest content in small chunks and bites. With our Collections feature, you can combine complementary resources to create modules that look and feel like a mini-course and provide skill-building tools.

Building on our aforementioned SWOT analysis example:

  • Module 1 could be a quick, 1-minute video explaining how and where a SWOT analysis works.
  • Module 2 could be an image of the SWOT tool and a template download.
  • Module 3 could be applicable questions upon which participants reflect as they use the tool in the workplace.

With your mini-courses, you could “flip the classroom” by sending the course out prior to a workshop or coaching session and then focusing on its application in your time together with your participants. Or, you could send it out after the workshop or coaching session to reinforce the learnings from your time together.

Develop a Welcome Kit

Anytime you have a repeatable process in your coaching or training, Resources and Collections can help save time. In all of our coaching engagements and leadership development programs, our participants receive a welcome kit immediately after an intake coaching session or program kickoff.

You can also build a welcome kit in your practice. Here are some ideas:

  • Include a welcome video.
  • Add a roadmap of your overall coaching process.
  • Share your coaching agreements.
  • Include templates to start a 360 process, 360 rater/supporter information, and a heads-up email to supporters.

Where to Go from Here

Remember, your mobile app competitors are coming to the market with powerful messaging about the content they provide and the results they create through measured behavioral change. With just a few tweaks to your Coachmetrix platform, you can say the same thing and more. Because you also offer a very personalized and unique service.

We are in this together. Coachmetrix was built by coaches, for coaches. We’d love your feedback and input on how we can improve the platform to not only compete in a changing industry, but also, more importantly, to make a bigger difference and impact in our world.

Stay tuned for our third post in this series as we continue the discussion on how to leverage Coachmetrix to compete in our evolving industry. In the meantime, if you are itching to dig deeper and immerse yourself immediately in how to leverage Coachmetrix to compete in a tech-savvy world, you can access a recording of my masterclass Expand Your Coaching Business: Add More Value and Compete with Mobile Apps that will Disrupt the Market.

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