Coachmetrix New Features and Product Update

With almost 1,000 users on Coachmetrix, we’ve been busy listening to your feedback and making product feature updates (see below) including the ability to edit a Participant’s name, [...]

How to Calculate ROI in Your Leadership Development Program

ROI can and must be measured in leadership development and coaching engagements. But, it’s reliant on other building blocks. Here’s what we’ve learned about measuring ROI. ROI (return on [...]

Pitfalls to Avoid in Effective Leadership Development

How to Avoid the Two Most Critical Participant Pitfalls in Leadership Development   We learned the hard way (through some costly mistakes) about what makes participants successful in our [...]

The Driving Component of Coaching Leadership Programs

Coaching and leadership development programs often lack a critical component to reinforce behavioral change. Ours did and this is what we learned.     We all know that leadership [...]

3 Lessons that Built Executive Commitment

In the last post we detailed critical mistakes we made with executive commitment that derailed over $300,000 of leadership development efforts. Now let’s take a look at the 3 lessons we’ve [...]

New Products & Bug Fixes

NEW PARTICIPANT TOUR Last month we introduced a completely new Coach Tour so that you could view sample project data anytime. Today, we launched a Participant Tour to accelerate your [...]

3 Executive Mistakes that Derailed a $300,000 Leadership Development Project

As I mentioned in our last post, we’re on a mission at Coachmetrix to help others build their coaching and training businesses so that we can collectively have a greater impact on this world. [...]

Lessons Learned – Building a Leadership and Coaching Business

From “oh ya” to “oh no!”, we’re sharing everything about our 15 year journey to help you build your executive coaching, leadership development and training business. We want to be in the next [...]

Coachmetrix is Here!

With Coachmetrix we set out to make a difference in the coaching and leadership development industry and to add more value to programs that we’re already doing. Evolution 2.0 in the learning and [...]

How Technology Can Improve Your Coaching Business

Never walk into a leadership development workshop with a thick paper workbook again. The leadership practices we teach remain timeless, but our tools for teaching do not. Here at Coachmetrix [...]