3 Lessons that Built Executive Commitment

In the last post we detailed critical mistakes we made with executive commitment that derailed over $300,000 of leadership development efforts. Now let’s take a look at the 3 lessons we’ve learned that have easily contributed to 2x those loses in new business and build executive commitment.   As a leadership coach and trainer, I … Read More

3 Executive Mistakes that Derailed a $300,000 Leadership Development Project

As I mentioned in our last post, we’re on a mission at Coachmetrix to help others build their coaching and training businesses so that we can collectively have a greater impact on this world. Whether you are an internal organizational development professional or an independent coach, trainer or facilitator, we’ll share the lessons we’ve learned … Read More

Coachmetrix is Here!

With Coachmetrix we set out to make a difference in the coaching and leadership development industry and to add more value to programs that we’re already doing. Evolution 2.0 in the learning and development field is now on the cusp. I don’t personally believe we have to put up with the old school workbooks that … Read More

Navigating Through Barriers and Breaking Through

I was clear on the roadblocks that limited my leadership development programs, but I knew the solution was outside my expertise. That’s when I reached out to a good friend and web developer who patiently listened to my dream of accelerating learning and behavior change for our leaders. Our first step was to tackle an … Read More

We’re Ready To Share Our Journey

It was about three years ago that I recognized key issues that limited almost every leadership development program I had witnessed – programs I saw dozens of other trainers running and programs that I was running. Leaders were constrained by old style workbooks. Not that workbooks were bad – but as a toolset, they were … Read More